"Carpe diem, carpe rosam."


"Seize the day before it is spent; gather the flowers before they lose their bloom."



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PS: For my Capstone Evaluator, I have a special letter to help you navigate through my portfolio 


Beixi Li


Dear Reader,


I am excited that you have, intentionally or non-intentionally, found yourself looking at my portfolio. I am excited that you are here to perhaps engage with the work I've done over the years. And I am excited to hear your opinion. 


I was always one of those who thought I knew exactly what I wanted, and who had mapped out, on a dotted line, how to get there. I did everything I was supposed to do and ran through the days as if the devil were on my heels.


But somewhere in that headlong rush, I realized I was becoming a certain type of person. I was becoming the type of person who, fifty years later, I would have a hard time describing. I was becoming the type of person who, at the end of fifty years, can't remember any memories or experiences outside of career and material success.


I want to stop this rush to understand more about myself, and to truly realize that there is much more to our years than the checklists we assemble and the tasks we cross off. There are an infinite number of every day moments that trump those all encompassing, yet irrelevant nuances.


In this portfolio, I have included the works that have helped me with this realization. I hope that you, by reading through my experiences so far, will see where I am coming from. I hope that if you are twenty years old and find yourself in constant pursuit of the future, you will have the time to stop and read, and maybe, agree. I hope that if you are fifty years old, you will somewhat support my views and drop a piece of advice in the comments page. I hope that you, regardless of age, enjoy your time here on this portfolio, listening to the words of a self-proclaimed reformist on the incessant rush we call life.